Ludwig Quad Rig – Large


If you are looking for the safest, highest quality rig that can go anywhere with minimum effort, you’ve come to the right place.

Comes in black hammer semi-gloss powder coat color.

Pulley System Sold Separately.

Now shipping to Alaska, Hawaii and Canada!

*FREE shipping for complete Ludwig Aerial Rigs within the Continental U.S.

Working Load Limit: 400 pounds

Approximate Dimensions:


Height ~ 15 ft, 6 in
Length ~ 15 ft, 6 in
Width ~ 17 ft, 6 in (+ 2 ft with 6 ft header)


Height ~ 19 ft, 6 in
Length ~ 19 ft, 6 in
Width ~ 21 ft, 6 in (+ 2 ft with 6 ft header)

Total Weight: 230 lbs

This rig can be set up at any height as low as 6 ft up to 19 ft, 6 in and any height in between in roughly 6 in increments. Never use more than 12 total leg segments to set up a Ludwig Quad Rig.

*All measurements are approximate. Many factors can cause some slight variations in the dimensions of the Ludwig Quad Rig when setting up. Please allow an extra foot or two in order to fit the rig in all directions


Extra Eye Bolt Locations

Eyebolt locations
Locations #1 and #7 Only Availvble on 6ft. Header Size

Tie Off Cleats

These cleats are for tying off pulley ropes to the feet of your Ludwig Rig. Two tie off cleats are required to use our pulley systems.

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  • Single Trapeze
  • Double Trapeze
  • Fabric
  • Lyra
  • Corde Lisse
  • Limited Spanish Web
  • Aerial Yoga

NOT for SWINGING trapeze. Moderate swinging activities are possible as long as the swing does NOT go beyond the legs. The rig can be guyed out using just 2 cables and then will allow for a little more swinging.


The Ludwig Quad Rig consists of a 4 leg design with either a 4ft or 6ft header and up to three 6ft leg sections per corner.

Developed in 2001 by Ludwig, these rigs can be set up in 20 minutes or less and can easily break down to fit in the back of most cars. These rigs are also incredibly versatile and can be set up on most structurally sound and level surfaces and at various heights (from your chosen height down to 7ft).


  • Adjustable extension feet
  • Straps with four clips
  • Set screw
  • Wrench
  • All hardware needed for set up

Be sure to read the FAQ for any questions regarding the Ludwig Rig

Ship weight about 240 lbs


Katie Mesmerie of Mesmerie Entertainment as noted, some photos courtesy of Dark Matter Photography


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Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Header Size

4 ft. Header, 6 ft. Header


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